Concrete Modular Bridge Expansion Joint

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Heavy Duty Finger Expansion Joints for Prefabricated Bridge

Concrete Modular Bridge Expansion Joint

Bridge Expansion Joint

Modular expansion joint is a mechanical device installed in bridge expansion joint openings. The primary function of the Modular expansion joint is to permit vehicle traffic to travel smoothly across large expansion joint openings. It does this by dividing the large expansion joint openings into a series of smaller openings called cells. These cells work in series to accommodate the necessary thermal bridge movement (expansion and contraction) while providing a smooth riding surface for bridge vehicle traffic. Modular expansion joint is normally used for expansion joints with a movement range exceeding 75 mm. Modular expansion joint also has the secondary function of protecting the surrounding bridge superstructure and substructure. All modular expansion joint cells are equipped with watertight sealing elements that prevent debris, water, and corrosives such as de-icing chemicals from passing through bridge expansion openings and damaging superstructure and substructure components.

Supporting Elements
Middle beam
Material: Q345(equal to S355JR)
Displacement control box
Material: Q235, Q345 or Customized
Material: Q235, Q345 or Customized
Rubber sealing profile
Material: Neoprene rubber, EPDM rubber or Natural rubber
Edge beam
Material: Q345 (equal to S355JR)
Surface tratment: Galvanized or Painting (according to customer’s requirement)


Mechanically Locked Seals.
• Rigid Interconnections between Separation Beams and Support Bars.
• Counter Force Control Mechanism.
• Resilient Support Structure.
• Each and every component replaceable without breaking concrete and removing the entire joint

BAOLI modular expansion joints can accommodate movements in every direction and rotations about every axis. They can be used for longitudinal movements of as little as 100 mm, or for very large movements of well over 1,000 mm. The total movement of the bridge deck is divided among a number of individual gaps which are created by horizontal surface beams. The individual gaps are sealed by watertight elastomeric profiles, and surface beam movements are regulated by an elastic control system. The drainage of the joint is via the drainage system of the bridge deck.

About Us

BAOLI GROUP was founded in1993 and currently covers an area of 960,000 square meters. The group owns over 4000 staff at present, including 330intermediate&senior professional engineers and technicians. The annual production capacity can realize 4 billion RMB. The leading products comprise bridge rubber bearingspot bearingsphrical bearing, anti-seismic rubber bearingbridge expansion joint devicesrubber waterstop, and other bridge structural components and so on. 
Our company have passed CE certificate of elastomeric rubber bearing pads and spherical bearings, ISO certificate of expansion joints, even it is the first one of enterprises which have passed the production license and obtained the production certification and obtained the production certification of CRCC in China of pot bearing ,spherical bearing and elastomeric rubber bearing pads.


Standard: ISO,  AASHTO, we can produce according to customer’s design.

 Construction site

BLF-01: Modular expansion joint is installed in connection of bridge.

BLF-02: Modular expansion joint is installed in expressway.

BLF-03: Modular expansion joint is installed in highway.

BLF-04: Modular expansion joint is installed in new bridge.

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