Steel-Plastic Composite Geogrid

Polyester Geogrid

Steel-Plastic Composite Geogrid

Steel Plastic Geogrid

Steel-Plastic Composite Geogrid is made of high-strength steel wire wrapped by high-density polyethylene into high-strength strips. The steel wire is formed by ultrasonic welding at right angles to the plane and the weft, and different mesh diameters and number of steel wires are used according to engineering needs to change the tension of the ribs.

Steel-Plastic Composite Geogrid Production

Composite wire are making
The automatic machine for making the steel-plastic composite geogrid.

Steel-Plastic Composite Geogrid Function

  • With high strength, low creep and adaptability to various environmental soils, it can fully meet the needs of high-grade highway retaining walls.
  • It can effectively improve the locking and biting effect of the reinforced bearing surface and greatly enhance the bearing capacity of the foundation.
  • It can effectively restrain the side displacement of soil body and enhance the stability of ground work.
  • It is more suitable for deep-sea operation and embankment reinforcement, and fundamentally solves the technical problems of other material as stone cages with low strength, poor corrosion resistance and short service life caused by long-term erosion by sea water.
  • It can effectively avoid the construction under the construction process.
  • Compared with traditional geogrids, it features high strength, high loading capacity, corrosion resistance, large friction coefficient, even apertures, easy construction, long lifespan, etc.

Steel-Plastic Composite Geogrid Application

Steel-plastic composite geogrid can be used for roads, railways, embankments, bridges, construction access roads, docks, revetments, flood dykes, dams, tidal flats, cargo yards, slag yards, airports, sports fields, environmentally friendly buildings, soft soil foundation reinforcement, retaining walls, slope protection and road surface resistance Inferior civil engineering.

Steel-plastic composite geogrid for reinforcement of soil foundation. Steel-plastic composite geogrid for slope protection.



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