Back stick rubber waterstop for building concrete joints

Steel Edge Type Rubber Water Stop for Concrete Structure

Back stick rubber waterstop for building concrete joints

Rubber waterstop is manufactured from natural rubber and synthetic rubbers with many additives and fillers by the processes of plastication, mixing and compression molding. It can be used in various concrete joints to prevent water leakage and permeation. It has excellent elasticity and it is highly resistant to abrasion, corrosion, aging and tearing. It can adapt to deformation very well and it is resistant to water. It is suitable for the temperature range of -45 °C to +60 °C.

Rubber waterstops, also called rubber water stops, can be divided into many kinds according to materials, such as natural rubber waterstop, neoprene waterstop, nitrile rubber waterstop and EPDM waterstop. Rubber waterstops of different materials are suitable for different conditions. And we can manufacture rubber waterstops according to customers’ requirements. They are widely used for various concrete structures, such as bridges, dams, swimming pool, tunnels, culverts, storage tanks and waste water treatment plants.


Rubber waterstops are highly resistant to                         Rubber waterstops have excellent waterproofing  performanc because of

abrasion, corrosion, aging and tearing.                              excellent elasticity.


Back Stick Rubbber waterstops can be manufactured in         Back stick waterstops are made in different shapes

different materials, so they are used in different conditions.     making them suitable for concrete structures.


Different Rubber Materials and Shapes


We can manufacture rubber waterstops in many shapes, such as ribbed with center bulb, dumbbell with center bulb, ribbed, dumbbell, base seal, tear web, split dumbbell and split customer’s requirements.

In addition to above shapes, we can manufacture according to your design or need , so if you have any requirements, please feel free to contact us.


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