Bearings are specially designed Elastomeric Bearings that isolates tructures from ground movement.

Seismic Devices

Viscous fluid damper is an energy-consuming damping equipment which has cylinder type structure filled with damping medium.

Viscous fluid damper is mainly used in bridges in area with frequent earthquakes and typhoon.

Producing damping effect by driving internal medium to flow through reciprocating motion of piston, and further making kinetic energy changed into thermal energy.

Rubber Waterstop

Rubber waterstop is manufactured from natural rubber and synthetic rubbers with many additives and fillers.

provide flexible movements and rotations between the superstructure and supporting structures to transfer whether horizontal or vertical force safely.

BAOLI bridge bearings are suitable for any type of structure, especially for large loads and rotation wide bridge and curved bridge. Standard: EN 1337, AASHTO, BS 5400 or AS 5100


Geogrid is manufactured from high density polythylene. It is produced through the process of extruding, punching, heating and longitudinal and transverse stretching

Electrification Products

BAOLI is mainly engaged in electrified contact network parts, light rail, subway rigid suspension, subway flexible suspension contact net, cast aluminum alloy products.

Rubber Dam

Rubber dam as an innovative hydraulic structure, is composed of high strength fabric as reinforced framework and synthetic rubber.