Steel-Edged Rubber Waterstop

Internal Rubber Waterstop
Rubber Waterstop

Steel-Edged Rubber Waterstop

Steel-Edged Rubber Waterstop

Steel-Edged Rubber Waterstop, is made of extruded rubber and galvanized steel strip through vulcanization. Concrete does not adhere to rubber or PVC, but makes a good bonding strength with the steel strip, so rubber waterstop with steel edge provide obvious effect of seepage prevention and waterproof performance.

Steel Edged Rubber Waterstop Production

Prepare the rubber sheet Place the steel bar for hole making
Place the rubber sheet Vulcanization at specified time
Rolling of steel-edged rubber waterstop Packing of steel-edged rubber waterstop
Steel-edged rubber waterstop in warehouse

For more details, please see the video: Steel-Edged Rubber Waterstop Making Process

Steel Edged Rubber Waterstop Packing


Steel Edged Rubber Waterstop Application




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