High Damping Rubber Seismic Isolation Bearing for Bridge

PZ Series Pot Rubber Bearing
Hot Resistant Bridge Spherical Steel Bearing

High Damping Rubber Seismic Isolation Bearing for Bridge

High Damping Rubber Seismic Isolation Bearing for Bridge

High Damping Rubber Bearing (HDRB)

HDRB high damping rubber bearings consist of alternate layers of elastomeric material and vulcanized reinforcement steel plates. They provide a high level of damping of up to 16% since they are made up of a chemically improved rubber compound providing better damping and displacement capacity. As the reinforcement steel plates are fully embedded in the elastomeric material they are sealed and thus protected against corrosion. The devices are manufactured with the rubber vulcanized to the top and bottom connection plates. The bearings can also be supplied with additional anchor plates, allowing easier replacement of the device in case of maintenance needs. BAOLI HDRB devices are made from natural rubber (NR) providing a high resistance against mechanical wear and corrosion.





Material Used for HDRB

Rubber – the elastomer of the isolator will be natural rubber or neoprene rubber, all material testing shall be in accordance with EN , or cross reference EN standard; Shim Plates- Shim plates and top and bottom end plates will be made from rolled carbon steel conforming to  ASTM or equivalent conforming to EN.

Physical and mechanical properities of elastomer

Characteristics Requirements Test methods 
G Modulus (MPa)  0.7 0.9a  1.15
Tensile strength (MPa)

Moulded Test Piece

Test Piece From Bearing

Minimum Elongation at Break (%)

Moulded Test Piece

Test Piece from Bearing








 ISO 37

type 2







Minimum Tear Resistance (kN/m )












 ISO 34-1


(Method A)

Compression Set (%)

24h; 70℃



 ISO 815


Spacer: 9,38-25%

Accelerated Ageing

(Maximum change from unaged value)

-Hardness (IRHD)

NR 7d, 70℃

CR 3d, 100℃

-Tensile strength (%)

NR 7d, 70℃

CR 3d, 100℃

-Elongation at break (%)

NR 7d, 70℃

CR 3d, 100℃













ISO 48


Ozone Resistance

Elongation: 30%-96h


NR 25 pphm

CR 100pphm

No cracks  ISO 1431-1

Quality Contorl and Testing

BAOLI is able to perform full scale bearing size testing in house according to EN. BAOLI lab is fully equipped with full range of testing rig from 200kN to 1500kN vertical load and 100kN to 300 kN shear load, can meet the test requirements.



HDRB Details




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