Free sliding pot bearing

Span body swivel bridge bearing
Fixed pot bearing

Free sliding pot bearing

Free sliding pot bearing

Free sliding pot bearing can be movable in all directions. The added PTFE and stainless steel sliding surface between the piston and the sole plate creates a bearing assembly that allows horizontal movement in any direction.


EN 1337, AASHTO, BS 5400 or AS 5100



Technical Performance:

Item Performance Parameters
 Vertical Load Capacity 1.0MN, 1.5MN, 2.0MN, 2.5MN, 3.0MN, 3.5MN, 4.0MN, 4.5MN,

5.0MN, 5.5MN, 6.0MN, 7.0MN, 8.0MN, 9.0MN, 10.0MN, 12.5MN,

15.0MN, 17.5MN, 20.0MN, 22.5MN, 25.0MN, 27.5MN, 30.0MN,

32.5MN, 35.0MN, 37.5MN, 40.0MN, 45.0MN, 50.0MN, 60.0MN,

65.0MN, 70.0MN , other design values.

 Horizontal Force Capacity 10% , 15% or 22.5% of the vertical load capacity of the bearing and other design values .
 Design Rotation Angle θ (rad) Not less than ±0.02 rad
 Design Displacement Transverse direction: ±50mm, other designs.

Longitudinal direction: ±50mm, ±100mm, ±150mm, ±200mm, ±250mm, other designs.

 Suitable Temperature Normal Type (CR): -25℃~+60℃;

Cold-resistance Type (NR):-40℃~+60℃

 Friction Coefficient  μ Not great than 0.03
 Strength Grade of Concrete Not lower than C40
Production Process


Fixed Type Series

Sliding Guide Type Series


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